Wednesday, January 1, 2020


Welcome to the Hope Saga Blog! (Hope Blaga? Horplaga? Thing.)

Hope was a roleplay I ran from August 2008 until March 2009. It eventually had thirteen PCs, dropping in and out as the story went on, and told a strange, epic tale. As an experiment, rather than have NPCs, I had various other friends play recurring characters. Near the end there wound up being a few major NPCs, but for the most part I played very few characters.

The vast majority of Hope was played out online, and written by the players in third-person past tense. As such, large chunks of this story are that original writing. I've edited things, and written parts of it myself, but for the most part it's written by the players. As such, it reads a little oddly--every character is a viewpoint character, so the story flow is a little strange. For the most part I've tried to keep things reasonable and make it work as an ensemble piece, but it's tricky to do that while retaining the original player writing. A few of the sessions (such as the first) were played in person or through other non-text media. These sessions I have reconstructed from memory--they'll be marked as such at the beginning of the posts.

Here and there I'll post bits of background material--things the PCs were told outside of sessions. These will be listed as Detailed Hope.

One of the other things I did during the roleplay was provide a soundtrack! Every scene had an ongoing soundtrack (consisting of various pieces of other soundtracks and nonlyrical music), to set the mood and feel. This added a LOT to the roleplay, I felt. As such, I assembled the entire soundtrack into a trio of .zips. 108 tracks of epic music! At the beginning of every update / scene, I'll list the track number and title in parentheses. It's a lot of music (over half a gig!) but I highly recommend it! It'll enhance your enjoyment quite a bit! (And it's all good music. Promise.) The main theme is Ghost Hardware, track 9. Any time I don't specify music (which will be rare!), it's a good fallback.
Disc 1: Corkscrew
Disc 2: Roost
Disc 3: Center

So without further ado...
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