Monday, October 26, 2009


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April 13, 802 AT, 153 days since I returned to a desolate and emptied Corkscrew, and… unbelievable things have happened. It’s still twisting around my mind like some tempest from the stories of Old Earth, but I’ll try to get it all straightened out on these pages. Yesterday, April 12, I took the Archimedes out to investigate some odd energy readings, and happened upon a breaking crystal… but not just that. There was more! There was a city, I swear it. Civilization! At first I just thought I was losing it, my mind finally giving way to isolation, but goddamit it was a city! I… was too late in arriving, ultimately. The crystal’s defenses had activated and slaughtered the entire population. I… I watched their life signs blink out from my radar. All but three. Somehow, someway, three of the humans in that miraculous civilization managed to escape the defenses and nearly fell straight into the Void when I managed to rescue them. Three humans, Spider, Zebra and Giraffe (I’ve done a little research, and formed a theory on their origin, but it’s too late to really outline it in here. I’ll write up a proper report and radio it in soon). I think they’re still in shock, with good reason, and I did my best to explain things to them, but I’m not sure how well I did. Their loss must be hard to bear, but… I’m glad they’re here. So glad. At least I could save someone.
Kasby Bellwood

I tried to contain the demons from escaping the crystal as it broke, but oddly the crystallized flechette ammunition I used seemed to bounce right off. In addition, the demons had a kind of glowing, scarlet aura about them. I’ll have to do some calculations in the morning… should just have to recalibra


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