Monday, November 2, 2009


((9 - Ghost Hardware))

The Corkscrew:
It looks quite a bit like the Oliver and Archimedes in basic elements, but that's where the similarity ends. It may be made of wood and gears and brass, but the only adequate way of describing this behemoth would be a flying castle. A massive, mobile fort, almost the size of Face.

The Corkscrew is widest at the center--the Housing levels--and gets smaller as you go up or down, fairly irregularly. It looks like it housed three or four hundred, when it was alive. There's a core of four elevators running through the whole base, the doors all facing outwards. One of the elevators is broken. The whole station bears the scars of the attack--bloodstains, claw marks, burns, and so on. The bodies are gone, but their death remains.

Crow's Nest
A small lookout post, actually a separate installation, floating some hundred feet above the main station. Primarily windows and long-range sensors, this requires a special mag-lev transport up from the deck below.

Observation Deck
A single medium-sized room lined with floor-to-ceiling windows. Full of control panels, radios, etc. The center for communications and such. Connects to various sensor arrays that are on distant arrays, relayed from the antennas on the Crow's Nest.

Fire Control / Armory
A central room full of controls for the various defense systems of the Corkscrew. This includes things like automated gun turrets, nets, and energy shielding. It's pretty awesome. Surrounding this are rooms full of weapons of all sorts, as well as room to practice with them--martial arts practice rooms, shooting ranges, etc.

Central Command
Not really its own floor, but marked as such. Actually in the middle of Housing 2, and only accessible from one of the elevators. A central control room, looking a bit like the bridge of a spaceship. Immediately adjacent to it is a conference room, which Kasby and Jaz have been using to make plans and plots and things.

Housing 1 / 2 / 3
Three floors of housing. Dozens of apartments, each with a bedroom, bathroom, and lab/workspace, fully stocked with any sort of technological instrument you could imagine. Most of the bedrooms were clearly inhabited until recently, and as such are decorated. Living in them is a little bit creepy, for obvious reasons.

Docking Bay
Quite expansive, primarily a series of tubes connecting to various dry-docks for ship repairs. The docking bay itself takes up about a quarter of the floor, open to the Void at the outer edge. It bears the worst marks of the attack, scraps and wreckage everywhere. Numerous ships fill it, in various states of disrepair. On one side of it are the Oliver and the Archimedes, as well as the as-yet-unnamed ship being built from their parts.

Medical Center
Full of tremendously advanced medical technology, mostly consisting of various automated fixing machines. The ones geared towards high-trauma patients are in the center, with casual care clinics at the edges. Still blood-splattered and creepy as all hell.

One single enormous library, containing the Logs of every scientist to ever live at Sector Seven, going back almost eight hundred years. Shame none of you can read. Also includes the Map Room, a circular room that displays a map of the Void, showing all thirty-seven Sectors... and thousands and thousands of crystals.

Mess Hall
Actually four separate dining halls, one for each elevator. They're not particularly special. The kitchens connect to Hydroponics directly below.

They grow food here! Yum! However, it's been a while since anyone maintained them, so they look rather like a jungle now. Vines climb out of their pods and all over the room. There are open vents to below, as the floor is heated by the engines.

Engine Core
The Corkscrew is held aloft and powered by a series of MASSIVE crystals shards, burning with variously colored bound demon magic. Clamps are drilled into them at each vertex, drawing power. This floor is very loud, as the enormous lift thrusters are immediately at hand, firing at full power full time.

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