Tuesday, November 3, 2009


((30 - South London Boroughs))

April 27th, 802 AT

As Kasby and Skunk strode through the body of the newly constructed ship, the pair's heavy boots echoed throughout the contraption of brass, copper, armor and wires. Kasby made most of the trip in silence, feeling a little awkward around the metallic woman. She certainly didn't seem like easy conversation.

Skunk stared straight ahead, silent. As she walked, she toyed with a knife from her belt, contorting it from shape to shape. Finally she sighed and returned to its normal shape, then stuck it back in its sheath. "Well? If you're going to say something, say it."

Kasby whirled on his heels and nodded. "Right." He gestured towards the metallic ceiling above them. "Up there is a hard hitting, classic model High-Action Variable Ordinance Cannon- or, as we fondly call it, the HAVOC. And, since I'll be too busy keeping this ship in the air, you're going to learn how to shoot it."

Skunk grunted non-commitally, but her interest showed in her eyes and posture.

Kasby pulled a switch on the wall, and a ladder descended from the steel circle above them. "After you."

Skunk wasted no time in stepping onto the ladder, and quickly began climbing, stepping up onto the top deck of the nearly-completed ship. It was longer than it was wide, and the top was layered with thick wood. The massive wings were folded up against its sides, for the moment. She walked slowly to the large gun mounted at the back of the top deck, and examined it. It was about as tall as she was, with the four barrels extending another few feet out at an angle. She could see the two handles sticking out the back, and a small screen in between them that she figured was for targeting.

Kasby followed shortly after. "This gun fires bullets, shells, crystal shards, explosive rockets, a tow cable, and communications flares. It works on linear magnetic acceleration, and has a 270ยบ range of motion..." Kasby continued to babble on about it for a little while, occasionally just delving into the technological jargon of the machine. "...And, that's how it works! Understand?"

"Uh, obviously not," the policewoman replied, one eyebrow raised. "That what you call an explanation?"

"Um, yes!" said Kasby, blinking once or twice. "Okay, here's the simple version: this trigger fires the weapon." He gestured towards the handle and controls. "This crank readjusts vertical alignment. This one changes horizontal." He showed her each one as he went. "And each of these levels loads a different kind of ammo." He pointed at the slot near the base, which fed into a compartment embedded in the deck.

Skunk rolled her eyes. "I got that, yeah." She nodded and touched each one gently, forgetting to be surly.

"Be sure to memorize each one before we leave," said Kasby, descending the ladder, and closing the hatch behind him. A lock clicked in place. "I'll be back at dinner!" he called back, his voice distant and hard to hear.

Skunk blinked her crimson eyes and muttered "...what the fuck?" She shrugged and turned back to the machinery, ready to make herself useful, and hopefully cause some damage to demons in the process.

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