Tuesday, November 3, 2009


((9 - Ghost Hardware))

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The ship is a very nifty ship, but doesn't look like much. It's cobbled together from bits of other ships and parts that were already in the docking bay, but hey, it works. The ship is fairly streamlined, with an open top deck. The huge engine protrudes out the back, with exposed tubing and wires connecting it to the main area. The front of the top deck, the cockpit, has a raised covering roof for protection. It also has two huge wings, with massive armature. They have three positions. They can be spread wide for stability and navigation, they can be tucked in and back for less drag, or they can be folded over the open deck for docking and/or protection. The ship is 16 meters x 5 meters at its widest point. The top deck is 9x3.5m. Each wing is 15m wide at full extension, for a total cross-width of 35m. The ship has a maximum speed of 160kph.

Please note that the picture is just a diagram of the layout, not an image of how it actually looks. It looks a lot more cobbled-together than that, with random discolored plates bolted on all over the place, exposed gears and tubes and things, etc.

A - gun turret
It's a pretty sweet gun turret. Two barrels, which can be swapped out as necessary. It can fire bullets, crystal shards, explosive rockets, a harpoon/tow cable, or communications flares. It works on linear magnetic acceleration, and has a 270ยบ range of motion.
B - cockpit
The cockpit has four seats, each with their own control panel--pilot, navigator, ship controls (engine, wings, etc.), and sensors/communication. It is open onto the top deck at the back, so it's really just more like a covering awning over the control stations.
C - ladder
It's a ladder. It goes all the way down. It's got a half-dome cover over it that extends a little way past the main cockpit roof.
D - archives
Lots of books! About half of them are blank journals; the majority of the rest are manuals, textbooks, and datalogs on various sciences, magics, and so on. Also included are Kasby and Jaz' personal journal archives.
E - lab
It's full of science! So much science. It's like a mini factory and engineering room!
F - infirmary
It's full of autodocs (robotic healing machines) and general medical equipment. Also has one extra bed, for people too injured to move etc.
G - armory/rec room
Mostly a large open room, for things like martial arts, small ballgames, etc. It's not that large, really, but it's empty. The walls are lined with bladed and ranged weapons of all sorts.
H - meeting/map room
There's a table here, with room to seat everyone around it. The center has a map display like the one on the Corkscrew.
I - kitchen/mess hall
It's a kitchen with a table for eating at. Pretty self-explanatory.
J - hydroponics
A place for growing vegetables! Heated by runoff heat from the engine.
K - engine room
Things get maintained and fixed here.
Each of the bedrooms has access to a personal storage space, about a foot deep, that runs underneath the floor of the rooms.
L - Jaz' room
M - Kasby's room
N - Owl's room
O - Skunk's room
P - Zebra's room
Q - Giraffe's room
R - Goat's room
S - Spider's room
T - head
It's a bathroom and shower. There's a sink.

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